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Fake Relationship Quotes in Tamil – We are bringing some of the troublesome collection of Fake Love Quotes & Fake relationship quotes because this world is going to love you as well as betray you, Fake Relationship Quotes in Tamil the one you love is more likely to hurt you the most, but this does not happen every time, sometimes the third party also included in this whole scenario.

Fake Relationship Quotes in Tamil

“You lying lunatic bastard. They’re going to kill you.”
“I love you too,” he murmured. “Go find Seph.”
― Cinda Williams Chima, The Dragon Heir shayari

“The word “friend” is a label anyone can try on.
You decide who is best suited to wear it.”

Carlos Wallace, The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S: Train Your Mind to Enjoy Serenity

“There should never be a time you make time for people who waste your time.”

“You will never have to question the intentions or
integrity of people who have your best interest at heart.”

“It is usually those whose love is fake that have a compulsion to prove their love.”

“True Love is not jealous, not hot-tempered, not
short-tempered, not Provoked by the actions of others.”

Selfish Fake Relationship Quotes in Tamil

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“True love keeps no record of wrongs, its forgiving ,
reconciling, forgetting the past hurts, and living to
make each other happy by putting others’ needs first before their own needs.”

Fake Relationship Quotes in Tamil
Fake Relationship Quotes in Tamil

“In one slick move, he shoves his phone in his
pocket and grabs me so we’re in front of the cabinet.

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His hand slides around the back of my neck, and before I can panic, he kisses me hard.

Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.

Fake Love Quotes in Tamil

Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway.

Be careful who you share your weaknesses with.

Some people can’t wait for the opportunity to use them against you.

Certain people and their toxic energy can block you from expanding,elevating and vibrating higher

Detach and protect your energy. -Anonymous

Cheap Hearts can be bought with money and lies
but the best Heart deserves nothing but Truth and Love.

Cut off fake people for real reasons, not real people for fake reasons.

Distrust all those who love you extremely upon a
very slight acquaintance and without any visible reason.

Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you.

Fake friends: once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.

Fake is the new trend and everyone seems to be in style.

Pain Fake Relationship Quotes in Tamil

Fake people hate honesty. It’s the lies that keep them
feeling good about themselves and their lives.
So share your true feelings about their actions and watch how they fade away.

Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.

Finally, maybe it’s time to move on?

Friends are supposed to be there for you when you cry not the reason you cry.

Friends don’t friends for other friends.

Friends don’t leave their friends for other friends.

Growing up means realizing a lot of your friends aren’t really your friends.

How do I make you understand my feelings are not fake, Will you believe me if I give my life for this sake?

People wear masks of lies so that they look attractive, so be careful. – Muhammad Saqib

Family Fake Relationship Quotes in Tamil

Love is blind, but friendship closes its eyes. – Friedrich Nietzsche

You can’t always go by actions because some people will ACT like they love you just to get what they want from you. – Sonya Parker

Real love is what you feel it. You see it, and you show it! But fake love is just made of words.

No one forced you to love me, so why did you need to pretend? Your lies have left me heartbroken. – Shami Paulin

Spend your time with those who love you unconditionally, not with those who only love you under certain conditions. – Suzy Kassem

It’s better not to have nobody, than to have someone who is half there, or don’t want to be with you. – James Porter

You can’t hurt someone you love.. and that’s how I now know you truly never loved me. – Jarod Kintz

What’s the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside? – Jess C. Scott

I don’t hate you. I’m just disappointed. – Zakiya And Sajid

Fake loving people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal lovers do. – Steve Maraboli

Many of us believe that when we give love, we get the love back but sometimes it’s just an illusion of what we gave them. – Akash B Chandran.

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